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The film world is no place for the timid, and at World Stage Pictures we believe in taking risks—risks with heart. The market is inundated with formula movies. A major event every 40 pages. One-dimensional characters reciting predictable dialogue. Special effects that serve only to cover story flaws. Where is the careful craftsmanship, the provocation of possibilities that broaden our understanding of the human condition?

That's where we come in. By teaming up with talented writers, film veterans, and forward-thinking businessmen and women, WSP is a powerful blend of artistry and economics. There is a demand in the market for films that engage today's global audience, bringing the world closer by extending it beyond a studio backlot. Our original and highly creative works, combined with savvy marketing strategies, offer both cultural enrichment and box office success using a secret weapon: great stories. It's a global community that we live in, and the world is longing for pictures that bring that reality to light.